Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are heroes based on the original feature, which came out in 1990. Since then – through various series and movies – these heroes continue to be favorites.

Now you can dress up like your favorite turtle for Halloween, thanks to the abundance of different costumes that are available. What’s great about these costumes is that you can find one that will fit every member of the family.


They have costumes ranging from baby all the way up to adults. The Raphael costume is perfect for a baby. This green jumpsuit is easy on and easy off. Its design is packed with all the identifiable favorites that you see on your hero – including the shell design chest plate.


Along with the jumpsuit, some of the Raphael costumes also have the hat and the shell for the back, too. But not every Turtle costume for babies will include socks – so you have to get those.


There’s also the Raphael muscle costume, which means that the outfit has padding to make it look bulky. You can get this in sizes that fit toddlers and younger kids. The costume that’s designed after Michelangelo for toddlers is also a green jumpsuit – but keep in mind that the degree of green in the costumes can vary.


Some will be darker while others will be a lighter green. Many of these will have the belt that’s designed into the suit while others have a belt that’s detachable. The mask may or may not come with the suit, but you usually do get the shell piece for the back.


What parents like about the mask that comes with some of the costumes is that it’s a half mask, which leaves their mouth and nose free of constriction. There’s a Leonardo muscle costume that consists of the jumpsuit and mask.


Plus, you can find some that have a lot of attention to detail – such as the belt, shell, knee and elbow pads. Some of these have printed shell fronts while others are more 3-D like.


You can get some of these with shoe covers, but not all of them have these accessories. You can find this costume in several different colors and patterns. The Donatello costume is available as well in different styles.


Some have a mask, belt and elbow pads included with the jumpsuit. Many of these will have shoe covers as well. For kids who prefer to dress up as the antagonist, you can get a Shredder costume.


This villain costume consists of a jumpsuit that’s designed to look like armor. Some of these come with a cool looking mask, a cape that’s attached to the jumpsuit, gauntlets, a belt and shin guards.


Sometimes the costume comes with a weapon but not always. The adult costumes can be found in both men and women styles and they can be found in plus sizes, too. For women costumes, those can be found in jumpsuit or dress style. The men’s costumes are mostly jumpsuits – but you can also find adult Shredder costumes.


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