Smurfs Kids Costumes

In the 2017 movie Smurfs: The Lost Village, Smurfette and her friends have to get through obstacles like the Forbidden Forest on their way to uncovering a secret. As they try to find the village, the clock is ticking and Gargamel is determined to stop them.


One of the most popular Smurfs is Smurfette. In the movie, she comes to life thanks to the voice talent of actress Demi Lovato. You can find her movie costume done in a few different variations, but the color design is basically the same.


The toddler Smurfette costume will usually fit an assortment of sizes. You can get one to fit a newborn all the way up to a child who’s about 39 inches in height. The costume is a romper piece, but some of them are designed so that the white piece is actually made as part of the blue rather than extending out from it.


But with the toddler one, you usually get the cute little Smurf headpiece along with the romper. Keep in mind that the blue Smurf hands don’t come with most of these costumes.


So if you want those, you’ll have to buy them separately. Not having them won’t be a big issue with younger kids since many of them don’t really like having things on their hands.


There are some costumes available as Smurfette for older girls. Instead of the flouncy end of a romper though, most of these are the top and pants. The top is usually designed to have the same white top look that the character wears, but it’s usually over the long sleeved blue to mimic the skin of the character.


The headpiece often comes with this size costume as well. You’ll have to get the footwear separately. You can also find this costume in adult sizes with the same style – although the hat may be made of slightly different materials.


There are Smurf costumes based on the movie for boy Smurfs. These are usually made in a jumpsuit design. Some of them have the blue top along with the white pants made as one piece.


But what you can find with some  of the boy costumes are shoe covers as well as the mittens designed to look like Smurf hands. You can get an adult man’s costume that’s in the same design as the boy’s costume which also includes the mittens for the hands.


You don’t want to forget the beloved Papa Smurf when you’re thinking about costumes. This character has a costume that consists of the shirt, the bright red pants and the matching hat. Some of these costumes also come with the hair and beard with the cap.

Dressing up as the Smurfs would make a great group or family Halloween costume.


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