MindWare Playful Chef Useful Deluxe Cooking Kit Review

Product Features

  • COOKING FOR KIDS: The Playful Chef Deluxe Cooking Set from MindWare is real cooking for kids and provides hours of interactive family fun. Help kids learn valuable life skills and build healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime! Studies show that cooking facilitates language skills, builds confidence and starts family traditions.
  • REAL-LIFE SKILLS: Cooking is a fun and rewarding way to help kids build important real-life skills. Engage your family in the magic of cooking with this fun, interactive kit that includes everything kids need to get cooking. Kids will learn how to measure carefully and follow step-by-step recipe instructions to achieve the best outcome.
  • HANDS-ON LESSONS: Children will gain valuable experiences that will last a lifetime, such as: kitchen safety, following directions, math and science skills, as well as teamwork and sharing. Playful Chef tools are perfectly scaled for kids†smaller hands.
  • KID-FRIENDLY RECIPE FORMAT: The Playful Chef recipe cards included with this set are designed with young chefs in mind. The measuring cups and spoons are color coded, so children can instantly recognize the correct measurements on the recipes included in this kit.
  • INCLUDES: Deluxe apron (fits ages 4 to 10), 4 color-coded measuring cups, 4 color-coded measuring spoons, 7” silicone basting brush, 8” wooden spoon, 7” stainless steel whisk, handled bowl with spout, star-shaped silicone pan, plastic bench scraper with measurements and recipe book with parent guide. (Ages 4 and up)
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Product Description

The nature of following a recipe step-by-step helps children build comprehension and reasoning skills. Kid’s will practice patients and following directions while enhancing their creativity and building self-confidence. This cooking kit from MindWare features 22 pieces and five kid-tested recipes: Healthy Start Breakfast Stars, Golden Chicken Nuggets, Zesty Zucchini Fries, Perfect Pita Pizza and Confetti Pasta Salad.

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MindWare Playful Chef Useful Deluxe Cooking Kit Review

MindWare Playful Chef Useful Deluxe Cooking Kit Review

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