Baketivity Real Cooking Kids Baking Set, Real Fun Little Junior Chef Essential Kitchen Lessons, Includes Pre-Measured Ingredients, Candy Blossoms

Product Features

  • WELCOME IN YOUR HOUSE A MEAL COOKING SET THAT HAS IT ALL: A fantastic kit that not only includes precise cooking instructions, but also contains all the necessary ingredients necessary for our delicious recipes. This is a baking kitchen set that stands out, allowing you to appreciate and enjoy your moments with your loved ones
  • PRE-MEASURED INGREDIENTS FOR MINIMUM FUSS: Coming with carefully calculated portions for optimum results and clear step by step instructions with pictures that can be followed easily, building your kid's self-esteem and sense of accomplishment
  • IDEAL PARTY SUPPLY: A super fun activity that a whole group of kids can do together. They will enjoy themselves, improve their communication skills and most importantly learn valuable lessons in the process
  • ENJOY QUALITY FAMILY TIME THROUGH VALUABLE EXPERIENCES: Families who cook together and eat together, spend quality time together. The best of times are spent around the supper table, the holiday table and the talks cleaning up
  • AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE BAKING SET FOR KIDS AND TEENS: Experimenting in the kitchen can be an extremely fun activity as there is a natural curiosity and creativity in kids that fits perfectly in the kitchen. On top of that, you will find inside science and word games that you can solve together while enjoying the fruit of your labour. BOX DIMENSIONS: 8.00 x 8.00 x 2.4 Inch
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Product Description

Cooking with kids is one of the most valuable family activities you can engage as a family.
Cooking together provides a natural way to discuss nutrition and the impact that food choices have. The more educated children are about food, the more likely they will appreciate your suggestions to eat something healthy

Baketivity stands at the forefront of educational cooking activities and innovational products and proudly presents to you a fascinating set:

Baketivity Kids Baking Set – Meal Cooking Party Supply Kit for Teens – Real Fun Little Junior Chef Essential Kitchen Lessons

The earlier kids and teens learn how to cook, the sooner they will learn an essential life skill:

■ Preparing meals together means quality time as a family. Cooking with children when they are young offers an opportunity to communicate with them on a regular basis. Your time chatting and cooking in the kitchen together becomes even more important as they reach the adolescent and teenage years

■ Following step-by-step instructions to get to a finished result is an important reading skill, and using that skill to cook shows kids that reading has very practical benefits

■ Kids can be slowly introduced into the values of home cooking but that needs the correct approach. They won’t automatically beg for Brussels sprouts after the first time you cook together!
However, after creating that delicious treat with our kitchen essential kit, they will feel the joy of creation and will therefore be more open to experiment with different ingredients and more advanced recipes

■ Coming with step by step instructions with clear pictures, premeasured safely preserved ingredients and fun science and word games

■ All ingredients are 100% kosher certified

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